The Best Atheism Quotes Through the Ages

The Atheist's Bible book coverAtheism is not a recent phenomenon; despite the tendency before Darwin and modern science to believe in supernatural forces and a creator—not to mention the penalties for challenging the doctrine of the Church—freethinkers throughout history have noticed the circularity of the god argument. (god created the universe because the universe can’t exist without god)

The irony of invoking an uncaused being to explain the fact that everything requires a cause was not lost of many thinkers, who noticed that if everything requires a cause, then by definition god also requires a cause. And if god does not require a cause, then you might as well save a step in the process and accept the possibility that the universe is itself uncaused or has else always existed.

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Denis Diderot on the Art of Freethinking and the Dangers of Religion

Diderot and the Art of Thinking FreelyDenis Diderot, the French philosopher, art critic, and writer, was described by Voltaire as a pantophile, or the type of person who falls in love with everything they study, from mathematics, science, and medicine to philosophy, politics, literature, and art. So while Diderot never produced a masterpiece that would put him in the highest ranks of philosophy or literature, he did over the course of his life think and write about a wider range of topics than most.

This disposition had several benefits. First, it made Diderot uniquely suited for the position of chief editor of the Encyclopedie, the first and largest project to secularize all human knowledge from the materialist and humanist perspective. More than any other work, the Encyclopedie captured the full spirit of Enlightenment thought.

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