How to Think Like a Roman Emperor book coverStoicism is a practical philosophy that emphasizes rationality and virtue as the only true goods. Unlike other religious or spiritual practices, Stoicism does not require that you abandon reason or strain your grip on reality; rather, it provides an ethical orientation to life that is fully consistent with our nature as rational, social beings.

Stoicism therefore embraces the original Greek conception of philosophy as a way of life, a subject matter to be practiced rather than simply studied. Far removed from the logical hair splitting of academic philosophy, Stoicism is about living well, with an emphasis on ethics and the attainment of true contentment and excellence of character.

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The Clockwork UniverseAn entertaining and fast-moving historical narrative of the scientific revolution, including fascinating insights into the lives of Isaac Newton, Leibniz, Galileo, Johannes Kepler, and more.

There are many ways to make a science book tedious and dull. You could include too many equations, too much biographical detail, or otherwise get caught up in dry, lifeless writing. This is definitely not the case with The Clockwork Universe.

Edward Dolnick gets the proportion of biography, science, and history exactly right, giving the reader the full picture of the people and culture of the times and also the revolutionary nature of the science itself. The writing is vibrant, succinct, and conveys just the right amount of scientific detail.

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